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    • Updated: November 20, 2022
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  • this is a simple tool thats able to change the colors of .cemt files easily.

    also it can edit the colors of the cyloop in player_common.rfl

    just drag n drop the file you want to edit on the panel and it will show you the colors ready for beeing edited.

    you can edit them by clicking on the color itself and selection any custom color.

    you can edit the RGB values to get the exact color you like.

    Or you can just hue shift with the trackbar under the color.

    for .cemt files each one can store up to 6 colors. Atleast that was the highest i could find.

    if you load a .cemt file and one of the color panels is disabled it means that it couldnt get a valid color from that color block and you cant edit that one to make sure nothing will be edited that potentally corrupts

    the file.

    for the player_common.rfl it stores alot colors in one single file.

    thats why i divided it into different color blocks.

    if you load the player_common.rfl you can see a new panel which allows you to switch trough those color blocks.

    Usually color 1 and 2 are used for the normal trail in some way.

    color 3 and 4 are used when you close a loop and it flashes for a second.

    and here are the locations for the most common stuff people will edit i guess.

    Most effects are in the sonic.pac

    max boost trail effect is in EffectCommon.pac


    cyloop effects are in playercommon.pac


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